How to Take Care of Your Vehicle’s Tyre


Just like every people around the world, you really don’t check on the condition of the car tyres, do you? Tyres are the essential part of the vehicle. No one seems to notice but tyres provide you with the highest level of safety. How many times you have put on brakes on your cars urgently and your car just halts and stops and doesn’t get slipped away on to side of the curb? These tyres if they are properly inflated and are rotated in a timely manner, this will increase their life and will be functioning properly.

However, if your vehicle is inoperable or not in running condition, then we would advise to call and hire a reliable auto transport service.

For these tyres to function at their optimum level, there are a few precautionary measures that need to be taken from your side. These are as follows,

Spare Tyre

It is the basic contingency plan of driving a car. You ought to have a spare tyre when you are driving. The second important thing, the size and the type of the tyres must be accurate. Some spare tyres are not made for longevity and will not be serviceable for a longer period of time. When using these non-durable tyres, be sure not to use them vigorously. These tyres will not hold out and will make the wheels of your car wobbly and out of sync.  

Optimum Level of Tyre Pressure

The rotation of tyres is the most important aspect of extending and maintaining the life of the tyres. There are two important reasons behind it. The tyres that are inflated at optimum levels, mitigate the possibility of tyres of getting any damage and also mitigates the possibility of a car spinning out of the driver’s control. It is imperative for the pressure of tyres throughout the year, especially during the summer. Normally, up to 2 pounds per square inch (PSI) of leaks air from the tyres every month. The probability of leakage is high during the summer, as opposed to the winter season.

Tyre Rotation

There will be a time when your tyres will wear and tear like any other consumable product. However, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything that you can do about it. As a matter of fact, there is a standard set by many manufacturing companies to rotate tyres after the completion of 6000 to 8000 miles. Rotation of tyres of constantly on timely basis increases the life of the tyres. As the tyres will depreciate evenly which will make the life of the tyres to last longer.

There are several ways tyres are rotated. Some of the common ways are as follows,

  • Straight rotation
  • Rearward Cross rotation
  • Side-to-Side rotation
  • Forward Cross rotation

Alignment of Wheels

No matter how carefully you drive your car and how many extra precautionary measures you take for your cars. It is still not enough to spare your wheels until you get your wheels properly aligned every now and then. Wheels usually go out of sync when hitting big speed bumps, potholes, and road breaks. Sometimes it only takes a big hit to either one of these bumps to have your wheels out of sync. Unaligned wheels will take deteriorate your car tyres’ life at an exponential rate.

Tread Depth Of Tyres

One of the essential part taking care of your tyres is to ensure that tread depth of tyres are well-maintained and not worn off. When the tyres start to wear off and they tend not to be reciptible to resist water. Resulting in aquaplaning. Aquaplaning is very dangerous for your car and you. As it simply means during the precipitation or raining, when you are driving on the wet road. At that time, your tyres will not work and resist to take a grip on the road. When the tyres will not have the grip on the road, it would be floating on the gushing rainwater.

Rain is one of the top of causes of accidents.

This could be highly hazardous which could lead to severe consequences for your car and your life. To prevent that from happening, the tread depth of tyre must be kept at 1.6mm.

If your car is suffering from aquaplaning on the wet road. It’s better to stop hitting the gas and hire an auto hauling service with a legit MC number.

Consult with Mechanic

Even if you checked out that everything is doing as it should be but there is still something off. Don’t wait for something to happen, consult with your mechanic or technician immediately. A technician would be the first person to find out if there is anything wrong or off with your vehicle.

Finally, there will be a time when your tyre’s life is truly over. A life of a tyre could end on a number of reasons and factors. For instance, it could be because of simple wear and tear and completed its lifetime. It could be because of the tires being used roughly and carelessly driving on potholes and speed bumps and using hand brakes a lot, like some driver from The Fast and The Furious franchise.

It all has an effect on the life of your tyres. You should consult with your technician from time to time to check up on your wheels.

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